Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy at QISH Al-Wakrah focuses on developing:

The word ‘Speech’ refers to the actual production of sounds, the physical process. Common ‘Speech’ disorders include:

1- Sensory motor skills.
2- Visual motor skills.
3- Fine motor skills.

These are the skills necessary for any child to function independently and effectively at home, school, in social situations and in activities of daily living. A child’s main job is to play, go to school, and perform day to day activities and an Occupational Therapist’s responsibility is to ensure that each child can function in those settings and complete those tasks effectively.

Examples of some areas in which an Occupational Therapist may be able to help your child:

- Fine motor skills such as handwriting.
- Hand eye coordination
- Behavior
- Coordination skills.
- Evaluating the need for specialized equipment and environmental support.
- Sensory modulation and attention.

Occupational Therapy is most commonly required for children who have any of the following:

- Sensory processing disorders.
- Traumatic injuries.
- Learning difficulties.
- Autism Spectrum Disorder.
- Developmental Delays and Disorders.
- Mental health/ behavior problems.
- Cerebral Palsy.
- Post surgery rehabilitation.

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