Our Physiotherapists at QISH Al-Wakrah work with children of varying ages, from premature babies until adolescence. A physiotherapist’s role is to work with children to develop their movement, coordination, posture and their overall physical functioning and development.

Here are some of the common conditions that pediatric Physiotherapists work with:

- Spina bifida.
- Cerebral Palsy, hemiplegia, quadriplegia.
- Developmental Delays and hypotonia.
- Muscular dystrophy and atrophy.
- Syndromes and genetic conditions such as Down Syndrome and Prader Willi Syndrome.
- Premature babies with dystonia.
- Postural problems such as scoliosis and idiopathic toe walkers.
- Visual handicaps.

At QISH Al-Wakrah, Physiotherapists will first assess each child, and then work in collaboration with parents and caregivers to begin the treatment process. Physiotherapy can sometimes be both daunting and demanding for your child; and so we place a strong emphasis on ensuring that sessions are play based and exciting for your child.

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