Consultation and Screening

Upon arriving at the center you will be scheduled for a consultation and screening session with a licensed therapist. This session is used to gather critical background information about the case to determine which services are most relevant for you or your child.


Once the Consultation and Screening session has been completed, you will be referred to the relevant department(s) for in-depth standardized assessments which help the therapists and the family to identify and understand the specific areas of concern. The results of the assessments can then be used by the therapist and the family to set appropriate goals for each child.


Once the Consultation and Screening, and the standardized assessments have been completed, and the goals have been agreed upon by the therapist and the family, then intervention may begin in any of the following departments based on you/ your child’s goals:


In order to track the progress of each case, a re-assessment is administered every four months using the same tests and tools which were used in the initial assessment. This re-assessment can help the therapist and the family by:

  • Measuring progress
  • Setting new goals
  • Modifying current goals
  • Modifying the frequency or domains of therapy provided.
  • Determining whether or not therapy is still required.

If the re-assessment determines that a client has achieved their therapy goals, or is now functioning at an age appropriate level then therapy services are concluded and a discharge report is issued. A follow up appointment is given 4 months from the date of discharge to monitor progress.

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