Special Education

The role of a Special Educator is to provide educational support to students with a wide range of learning, mental, physical or emotional disabilities, with the ultimate goal of preparing them for inclusion in a regular school setting. Special Educators are responsible for creating an Individualized Education Plan for each child that they work with. This plan outlines the issues that the child is facing, the accommodations that each child requires and the educational goals for each child. This often includes modifying the age-appropriate standard curriculums and syllabi to a level that is challenging yet attainable for each child.

Special Educators work with:

- Physical disabilities.
- Sensory impairments (i.e. hearing or visual)
- Speech and language delays.
- Learning difficulties such as dyslexia.
- Autism Spectrum Disorder and other social, emotional or mental health diagnoses.
- School children who need additional support.

In our multidisciplinary set-up at QISH-Al Wakrah, the Special Educators play a very important role in collaborating with other therapists, parents and teachers to optimize each and every child’s development.

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