Speech and Language Therapy

The services provided in the Speech and Language Therapy department aim to provide our clients with the skills and the means to communicate effectively within their environment. Within the department we perform standardized assessments to measure Speech and Language abilities, and we provide treatment for a wide range of disorders and delays.

What is the difference between Speech and Language?

The word ‘Speech’ refers to the actual production of sounds, the physical process. Common ‘Speech’ disorders include:

1 Articulation Disorders

Difficulty producing and pronouncing sounds or words correctly, affecting other’s ability to understand what is being said.

2 Fluency Disorders

Most commonly ‘Stuttering’ which is characterized by abnormal stoppages, repetition or prolongations of sounds during speech production.

3 Voice Disorders

Problems with the pitch, volume or quality of the sounds being produced. Voice disorders affect the intelligibility of speech, and may also cause pain or discomfort to the speaker.

On the other hand, ‘Language’ refers to problems in putting words together, finding words, creating meaningful sentences and understanding the verbal communication attempts of others. Language disorders can be summarized in three categories:

1 Receptive Language

Difficulty understanding language/ difficulty processing language.

2 Expressive Language

Inability or difficulty in using language at an age appropriate level, producing words and sentences, or acquiring language.

3 Mental/ Medical/ Developmental/ Cognitive

Language disorders caused by Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity, other diagnoses such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, brain injury or congenital causes such as Cleft Lip/ Palate.

The Speech and Language Therapy Department at QISH Al-Wakrah

Once a client has completed their ‘Screening and Consultation’ session, and a referral to the department is deemed necessary then a Speech and Language Therapist will perform the necessary assessments to identify the specific problem areas which require therapy. The results of these assessments are used to set goals which the client and therapist will then work towards achieving.

Speech and Language Therapy sessions are provided individually, and in groups based on the needs of each child.

A Speech and Language Therapy session is 45 minutes in length on average, depending on the specific needs and tolerance of each client.

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